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May 12, 2011


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So, I tried to write this long and beautiful exposé about Miranda [minus scandalous facts] but found myself rambling on. I guess today is just not my day. Let’s just leave it at the fact that Miranda is one of THE most beautiful women I’ve ever had the chance to know. And I’ve known her for almost 7 years! Being around Miranda makes me want to be a better person. I love her.

July Boudoir Marathon!!

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We’re having another Boudoir Marathon on Saturday, July 30th!!!!!!

Here’s what past clients have said about their boudoir experience with kajonesphotography.

“Every woman deserves to do this for her man and herself. Not only will your man go crazy over the photos, you get to pamper yourself and feel beautiful. I had never felt more sexy than I did during this shoot. Kelly makes you feel completely relaxed in a professional environment. When my husband saw the photos his jaw dropped and he was speechless. They made him look at me in a whole new way.” -E

“Going into the session, I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I’d never done a boudoir session before and really didn’t know what to expect. However, Kelly Ann made me feel SO comfortable! She asked me what areas I’d like to focus on vs. the areas I’d like to “work around”, and that was so very appreciated! During the shoot, her ideas and instruction were so helpful, and she was very open to my thoughts on what I wanted out of the photos, as well. The look on my husbands face when he opened the book I had made of all of my (touched up 😉 photos was priceless! He was so surprised to be receiving such a unique gift, and still to this day mentions how much he loves having something that was so thoughtfully JUST for him! The entire experience was so much fun and an amazing confidence booster for me. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Kelly Ann for being so wonderful!” -S

“ABSOULTELY AMAZING!!!!!! Kelly Ann is fabulous, caring, funny, thoughtful, helpful, honest, and encouraging! She will make you feel comfortable in a matter of instants! She really is like the girlfriend every gal should have–lucky for me, she’s that too:) Kelly Ann’s pictures are taken with such creativity, illuminating each person’s individuality– the photos are sexy, witty, full of laughter and draw you in…my husband and I immediately fell in love with her work.” -A

And my favorite 🙂 :::

“I’ve had pin-up style pictures taken a few times before, but most were for advertising purposes for a salon I managed and for an Ovarian Cancer benefit calendar that I was in. I tried to keep those photos a little cutesy and reserved, because I wasn’t sure where all they were going and who would be looking at them. But, my Boudoir session with Kelly Ann was strictly for my husband this time, so I knew what to expect, but then again there was the novelty of doing this just for him. I was a little nervous with the thought of being with a group of girls posing in lingerie, but then I felt like it would exciting to feel like a Victoria’s Secret Model on set for the new catalog. I actually wasn’t with a group of girls I didn’t know. They were some of my closest friends from college and my could of been best friend, sister in law. So, there wasn’t much to be nervous about, just a lot of fun to look forward to. Once I had scheduled the session, I began putting together my husband’s favorite lingerie items of mine and also some of his personal items (sunglasses, hat, his favorite shirt and tie, etc). On the day of the event, I brought my Boudoir collection, plenty of fancy jewelry, some false eyelashes – as no photo session is complete without them – a glossy red lipstick, high heels and last minute primping items for hair and makeup touch-ups.

“When I arrived at the session, Kelly Ann and my dear friend arrived at the door with delicious goodies for nibbling throughout the shoot. They had been working on my friend’s shoot before I had arrived. I peeked at her pictures and they looked AMAZING! Once I got settled, I began getting ready for my session with Kelly Ann. Within 30 minutes it was lights, camera, action for me. I allowed the girls that were there to be in the room with Kelly Ann and myself, because it was entertaining having their input. However, I was asked before we started what my preference was, which I appreciated in the case that I might have wanted the privacy. With this group of girls I didn’t feel that it was necessary. My time with Kelly Ann felt like it went by very fast, but she took the time to do everything that I wanted and there were hundreds of pictures to prove how much time had gone by. I felt very relaxed and very beautiful. I loved how creative Kelly Ann was in styling the pictures.

“After my session, I changed and met up with the other girls for the goodies Kelly Ann had made for us – cute cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries! We spent time talking, eating, and laughing while the other sessions were going on. It felt like we were back in college again. I loved it! I would recommend one of these Marathons for reuniting with former friends that you don’t get to spend enough time with. It gives you a chance to have fun, relax and make something EXTRA special for your husband.

“Speaking of husband, I made my session for his anniversary gift. It was our 4 year anniversary and I wore some of the same items that I had worn for him on our wedding night. He is in love with the pictures and has them to treasure for a lifetime! When I did my session for Kelly Ann, I was four months pregnant. I really wanted to capture that time in our lives for my husband and celebrate the new life God was bringing to us. I’ve heard that husbands think women are the most beautiful when they are carrying their children. This was definitely the case for us. Kelly Ann really captured our personalities, our love for each other and the new life to come with our first child. Those are the things that make photography priceless! I’m a big supporter of collecting life’s memories on film. Its not everyday you find someone with the eye and talent to capture life to its fullest beauty – Kelly Ann does! She has such a unique way of making you feel so warm and accepted just the way to are – pure love is what she possesses for people and it shows up all throughout her work.

“We have two other sessions scheduled with Kelly Ann this year: our maternity and our newborn shoots. I cannot wait to see what she captures in that camera of hers! ” -S

So, here are the details for the Boudoir Marathon on Saturday, July 30th!

This “Spoil Your Man” Boudoir Marathon is officially my third, and I could not be more excited about it!!!

Your Boudoir Session will include:

    • Professional Hair and Makeup
    • One Hour Session with ME! [That’s Kelly-Ann] in a suite of the classy Casa Monica Hotel here in Saint Augustine.
    • 3 outfit changes
    • Champagne and hors d’oeuvres
    • A high resolution DVD with 30 retouched images + ALL of your unedited images
    • An 8×8 Leather Album featuring your retouched images.
    • $400

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required by May 30th at the very latest. This will secure your spot. The remaining $200 is due no later than one week before the marathon [July 23rd].

Spaces are very limited, so book your spot now by emailing me at kellyannjones3@yahoo.com!!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

March 21, 2011

Jon & Cindy celebrate 25 Years!!!

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My New Years Eve consisted of a beautifully heartwarming 25 Years of Marriage celebration for Jon and Cindy Witty!

Jon and Cindy rented out the beautiful Lightner Museum in downtown St Augustine to renew their vows. Saint Augustine is completely stunning during the holidays. They light up all the trees and buildings and it’s really a sight to see. Cindy was a bridesmaid in the very first wedding that Luke and I ever shot and I was so thrilled when she contacted me about shooting their quarter of a century celebration. The love and passion they still have for one another is encouraging to us “newlyweds”! And being surrounded by family and the closest of friends to renew their vows made a surely unforgettable New Years Eve! Enjoy!

How freaking BEAUTIFUL is she?????

Well, ‘ello there!

We typically don’t make the habit out of eating the food, drinking the drinks or any of that jazz. But between the fact that these cupcakes looked so amazing plus the fact that Cindy kept asking me if I had tried them… I felt that I had no choice. They changed my life.

Congratulations, Jon and Cindy. You’re beautiful. I can’t wait to make it to 25 Years!!!! 🙂 Cheers to another 25!

March 15, 2011

Family :: Scholten

You know how sometimes when you meet another person, you love them instantly? And then you know how sometimes when you meet another person, you really just don’t care for them at all?

Also, you know how you would do ANYTHING for the people you really love, ESPECIALLY your family? Especially your sister?


I’m like all those things on crack.


By the time my sister started dating her now-husband, she had recently experienced a lot of “relationship turmoil”. I, therefore, was feeling even more protective of her than normal. The first few years of their marriage were difficult and I had my frustrations with Bryan. It has taken me years to say that I truly and deeply love my brother-in-law. And I’m okay saying that I didn’t love him or trust him immediately. I’m okay with that because he and Becky both had to go through the valleys in order to find the strength and deepened love that they now feel and exhibit in their daily lives. I’m so thankful for the way he has learned to love my sister and be a godly leader of his family. I’m so thankful for the way that my sister and her husband teach and love their children biblically.

Hands down :: this is my favorite family ever.



I love this kid. His favorite color is brown :: because that was the color of Jesus’ Cross. He just celebrated his 6th birthday. On his birthday cake, he wanted a picture of Jesus. Precious? I think so. My handsome little nephew.



And I love this little lady. She just celebrated her ELEVENTH birthday. That’s so strange for me. I never thought I’d be one of those people who would say, “I remember when you where ‘this big’!” My beautiful little niece. She is an ARTIST. My goodness, the way she draws blows my mind. PS: she asked for these glasses for Christmas because they looked like mine. 🙂 🙂


My beautiful sister. She is kind. She is patient. She is loving. She is prayerful. She is thoughtful. She is silly. And she has a bubble butt. When I was 5, she also convinced me that I was born when our parents picked their noses and put the boogers in a flower pot. Yes, I am a booger flower. 🙂


My handsome brother [in-law]. He is kind. He is selfless. He is smart. He is a leader. He loves the Lord. He is an artist. He is a hard worker.




Thanks for stopping by! Leave some love! 🙂



March 14, 2011

Marie :: Just Because

Deana Marie Caudill.

For those of you that believe in soul mates … I also believe in soul friends. And Marie [as I have affectionately called her for almost 6 years now] is my one and only soul friend. We both have other friends that we are extremely close with and definitely friends that we see more often [we live 6 hours apart], but Marie will always be my one and only soul friend. And as with any friendship, Marie and I have been through a lot together. The only person that I pray for more than Marie is my husband. I love her so very much.

Enjoy these photo’s of my sweet soul friend.

PS: Notice that her natural red hair is the same color as her eyes. So, is her hair brown or are her eyes red? Hmmmmm…..


Family :: Singletary

I cannot imagine life without this family. Luke and I both met Mike and Katrina in college when they were newly married [sans children] and it was before Luke and I ever even began dating! 🙂

I know without a doubt that Luke would have left college a semester earlier had Mike not been such a good friend to him. We LOVE this family. They are two of our closest friends and two of our biggest spiritual influences. Their kids Ethan and Maddie are clearly model material, so that’s a plus. And FIREBALLS at that. Keep your eyes open toward the PGA in about 20 years and you’ll see little Ethan winning tournament after tournament. 🙂

Mike and Katrina head up an incredible organization called Shower of Hope. Shower of Hope is a ministry based in Jacksonville, FL that meets the needs of the staggering amount of pregnant teenagers throughout the huge city of Jacksonville.

We shot their session in downtown St Augustine right before Christmas. I love living in St Augustine, I NEVER run out of places to take pictures. It’s a photographer’s paradise. 🙂 Check these beauties out and leave some love. 🙂

Thanks for checking out the photo’s! Remember to leave some love! 🙂

Family :: Williams

Because I forget to blog as a general rule of thumb, I am refusing to apologize from here on out. I WILL try to blog my sessions more often but … it is what it is.

Moving on. The Williams Family!!!! Tiffany and I graduated high school together and I can’t believe we’re both grown up with husbands and she with three BEAUTIFUL children. This was such a fun family. They have one of the coolest houses I’ve ever seen. And we don’t even like houses. We’re camper people. But seriously, super fun house. Scott and Tiffany are two of the most laid back parents I’ve ever seen, and to top it off — all three children are incredibly free-spirited. But they’re not like other free-spirited parents : there kids are not unruly and disrespectful. Their three pumpkins are honest, respectful and kind. I really want my kids to be just like theirs!!! Take a look at this gorgeous family that Luke and I both had such wonderful time spending time photographing. I present to you :: Scott, Tiffany, Lily, Lorelai and Noah. 🙂 Enjoy, and leave some love!!

I love this next one that Luke got. They were all patiently listening to my “leaf throwing” directions. haha

Thankfully, we found time to get some shots of JUST Scott and Tiffany. What a wonderful, Christ-seeking couple. They are beautiful.

See what I mean about them being an adorably rad family?  I can’t say enough how much fun we had being completely entertained by these kids. Thanks for checking these photo’s out. 🙂

February 9, 2011

Amy @ The Shades in Between

Amy and I have a story. It’s not much of a story but it’s still kind of a story. A few years back I was working in the library at my old college and Amy and her husband came in to take photo’s of the campus. At the time they were running Starks Photography [and I LOVED their photography]. From the moment I first say Amy, at the risk of sounding completely stalker-iffic, I wanted to know her. She was so pretty and nice and she was a photo taker. Sadly, it never really happened.

Then a few months back, my old friend Keira set up the m.marie fashion shoot with several other fashion bloggers! And who would’ve known that one of those bloggers was Mrs Amy herself! I was so excited to get to spend a little more time with her. She is SUCH a joy to be around. She just exudes such a sweetness. It all makes more sense now as to why I was drawn to her in the first place.

Check out her super cool fashion blog here. And leave some love for this pretty lady!

Jamie @ Work Your Closet

Jamie is another one of the STUNNING ladies that came along for the fashion shoot supporting m.marie. Jamie is a real life model. And I’ve always had this perception that models are gorgeous, yes, but completely unapproachable. Jamie is gorgeous but anything but unapproachable. What a fun, sweet girl to be around. Check out her thoroughly entertaining fashion blog Work Your Closet. You’re bound to learn a thing or two. 🙂

See what I mean? Stunning.

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